Cardboard for Critters

FOTAZ has teamed with Hometown Recycling to make Alexandria Zoo a drop off location for cardboard recycling in our community.

Individuals can collect their cardboard and drop it off in the designated blue “Cardboard for Critters” container located at the Zoo behind Bringhurst Baseball Field. Recycling is for clean cardboard only. No other items may be placed in the containers.

Hometown Recycling will collect it weekly and contribute the proceeds from the sale of the cardboard to FOTAZ.

people holding cell phones

Gadgets & Gorillas

Cell phones and other electronic devices contain a mineral called Col-Tan (columbite-tantalite) mined from African habitats where gorillas and chimpanzees live. When coltan is destructively mined, it causies harm to these habitats and the animals and plants that call them home. Plus, it takes a ton of energy and resources to create an electronic device. By reclaiming the precious metals in gadgets, we can reduce stress on the environment and its inhabitants and deter toxic waste from our landfills.

  • WE ACCEPT: Cell phones, Smartphones, ipods, ipads, tablets, adapters, chargers, MP3 players, handheld gaming systems and the accessories that come with them.
  • Please erase the data from devices before dropping them off.