Zoo Policies

For the safety and welfare of our animals and visitors, the following rules apply:

Guest Safety
Guests are to stay on public pathways only. Barriers between you and the animals such as rails, moats, rocks, and fencing are there for the safety and protection of both you and the animals. Please do not lift children over rails or barriers, allow them to play on rocks, rest them on railings, or stick fingers or arms through fences. Do not enter non-public areas and stay on the main pathway and in visitor areas at all times. Do not hang objects over railings, fences, or other barriers.

If someone is acting inappropriately or dangerously, they may be escorted from the Zoo. If you see someone acting in this manner, please contact a Zoo staff member immediately.

Animal Health and Safety
Harassing the animals or intentionally harming an animal is strictly prohibited. You will be escorted out of the zoo.

Balloons and plastic straws/lids are very dangerous to animals and are not permitted inside the Zoo for any reason.

All of our animals are on special diets. Do not share your food with them. Fish food can be purchased to feed the koi only.

Dress Code
For the health, safety, and comfort of all guests, shirts and footwear must be worn at all times. Provocative, revealing, or offensive clothing is prohibited. Disguises, costumes, or articles of clothing that conceal a visitor’s identity are prohibited.

Severe Weather & Emergencies
Alexandria Zoo is a rain or shine facility. Rain checks and refunds will not be granted. In the event of severe weather, guests may be refused entry into the zoo, or if already in the zoo, guests may be asked to relocate to indoor facilities. Guests must comply with staff requests in the event of an emergency situation.

Tobacco Use & Vaping
Alexandria Zoo is a tobacco-free and vape-free Zoo. The Zoo does not permit vaping, smoking, chewing, or any other use of tobacco products on Zoo property.

Personal Wheeled Devices
Skates, roller blades, skate boards, scooters, bicycles, and unauthorized motorized vehicles (other than wheelchairs or electric scooters for the disabled) are prohibited.

Other Devices
Drones (or any similar remote-controlled vehicles/flying devices), selfie sticks, loud noise makers and lasers are prohibited.

Firearms and weapons of any kind (even if you have a concealed carry endorsement) are strictly prohibited on Zoo grounds. This includes items that appear to be weapons, including toy guns. Any other items deemed dangerous, suspicious, or inappropriate are also prohibited.

Outside Food & Drink
Visitors cannot bring glass containers, plastic straws or lids, anything that needs to be cooked, grills of any kind, or any alcohol into the Zoo. We do not offer storage lockers or places to store coolers/picnic lunches.

Zoo Landscape
Please do not pick the flowers or foliage, climb trees, or disturb the landscape so everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the many beautiful things growing throughout the Zoo.

Pets are not permitted on Zoo grounds, in the parking lot, or in cars.

Service Animals
Alexandria Zoo welcomes guests with disabilities who use service dogs as determined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. For the health and safety of the animals in our care, emotional support animals are not permitted.

Your visit constitutes implied consent to be photographed/filmed and to have those photos/videos published on the Zoo’s website, social media, promotional materials, and/or in publications.

Student/commercial filming and photography must be approved by the Zoo in advance.

Advertising, Campaigning, & Fundraising
Campaigning, distribution of any advertisement (circular or handbill), or solicitation of funds or pledges of contributions within Zoo property is prohibited.

Alexandria Zoo reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who does not comply with these policies. Additionally, breach of any of these policies may result in removal from the zoo without refunded admission.