girl feeding cockatiel

Aussie Aviary

The aviary is temporarily closed.

Alexandria Zoo has temporarily moved most of its bird species off-view to protect them from a highly contagious avian influenza that has spread across the country this year and was recently reported in Louisiana. The virus, also known as bird flu, is typically spread by wild birds during seasonal migrations. To date, no cases have been detected at the zoo. Although the avian flu can be deadly for birds, it poses little risk to humans, experts say.

train ride

Train Ride

fish food

Feed the Koi

Fish food for the koi can be purchased by the cup at the Admissions Window. All of our animals are on special diets. Please only feed the koi.

Small Cup: $2.50 | Large Cup: $10



This popular play area for kids and rest area for adults features play equipment, picnic tables, and photo opportunities for guests.