yellow-headed amazon

Yellow-headed Amazon

Amazona oratrix

CLASS Aves | ORDER Psittaciformes | FAMILY Psittacidae

RANGE Mexico, Central and South America

HABITAT Riparian forest, evergreen forests, mangroves

DIET Seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, blossoms, and leaf buds

9.7 - 18 oz

15 - 17 in

26 - 28 days

2 - 4 eggs

IUCN Status

Yellow-headed amazons form loud, noisy flocks in the wild. They can learn to mimic sounds. These social birds live in groups of up to several hundred individuals. When excited, the feathers on their neck and crown are raised, making the head appear double in size.

Eggs are incubated by the female alone. The male remains near the nest entrance and feeds the sitting female.

They suffer from habitat loss and hunting (persecuted for damaging crops and captured for the illegal pet trade).