squirrel monkey

Squirrel Monkey

Saimiri sciureus

CLASS Mammalia | ORDER Primates | FAMILY Cebidae

RANGE Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela

HABITAT Tropical rainforest, tropical dry forest

DIET Insects, berries, fruits, snails, vegetation, birds, eggs

0.66 – 2.25 lbs

10.25 – 14.25 in

14 - 17 in

160 - 170 days


IUCN Status
Least Concern
squirrel monkey

Squirrel monkeys live in large groups, subdivided into adult male bands, mother-and-infant bands, and juveniles, except during the mating season. The are active during the day and rarely decend to the ground.

squirrel monkey

Their tail is not prehensile, but used for balance when traveling and feeding. They are excellent climbers and leapers and can travel long distances through the forest running along and leaping between branches.

Males double their body size during breeding season. Squirrel monkeys mate between September and November.

squirrel monkey

Squirrel monkeys faces threats from capture for the pet trade and medical research. Also face threats from habitat loss.