spider monkey

Spider Monkey

Ateles geoffroyi

CLASS Mammalia | ORDER Primates | FAMILY Cebidae

RANGE Mexico, Central America, and parts of northern South America, including Educador, Guiana, Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela

HABITAT Lowland rain and mountain forests, upper canopy

DIET Mainly fruits and nuts, some buds and flowers

13 - 15 lbs

13 - 15 in

20 - 40 in

226 - 232 days


IUCN Status
spider monkey

The name "spider" refers to the monkey's appearance when in the trees and walking on all fours. Its arms are longer than its legs, aiding in locomotion through the trees.

The spider monkey's long prehensile tail is used as extra hand. The strong tail can hold on to virtually anything, giving the monkey support when suspended in the tall trees where it spends nearly all of its time.

spider monkey

Spider monkeys display many forms of visual communication by making faces to each other.

The major threat to this species is habitat loss. It also faces threats from the illegal pet trade and hunting.