silver pheasant

Silver Pheasant

Lophura nycthemera

CLASS Aves | ORDER Galliformes | FAMILY Phasianidae

RANGE Southeast Asia and China

HABITAT Forest, grassland

DIET Plants, seeds, insects and invertebrates

Male 2.5 - 4.4 lbs
Female 2.5 - 2.9 lbs

Size Including Tail
Male 120 - 125 cm
Female 70 - 71 cm

25 - 26 days

6 - 12 eggs

IUCN Status
Least Concern
silver pheasant

Males have long tails and either white or silvery-gray upperparts with a black crest, breast, and belly. Females are brownish overall with a much shorter tail. Both sexes have bright red face and legs.

silver pheasant

It takes approximately two years for a male to reach its full adult plumage.