red-necked wallaby

Red-necked Wallaby

Macropus rufogriseus

CLASS Mammalia | ORDER Marsupialia | FAMILY Macropodidae

RANGE Throughout the eastern parts of Australia from Queensland and New South Wales to South Australia; also found in Tasmania

HABITAT Coastal woodlands and eucalyptus forests

DIET Grasses, roots, and leaves

30 - 40 lbs

Up to 3 ft

About 30 days

1 joey

IUCN Status
Least Concern
red-necked wallaby

Wallabies are terrestrial and move by hopping. These wallabies are largely solitary, although larger mobs (group of wallabies) will form in good grazing areas.

They have excellent hearing, sense of smell, and sight. Individuals identify each other by smell.

red-necked wallaby

Gestation is one month, but the joey will stay in mother's pouch for an additional eight months. It weighs less than 1 g (0.04 oz) at birth. The joey will continue to suckle until it is around 12 - 15 months of age.

A female can have three young of different ages at one time: an undeveloped embryo, a developing joey in the pouch, and a joey outside the pouch still drinking from her.

red-necked wallaby

Red-necked wallabies are protected by law in all states of Australia.