Prevost's squirrel

Prevost's Squirrel

Callosciurus prevostii

CLASS Mammalia | ORDER Rodentia | FAMILY Sciuridae

RANGE Southeast Asia

HABITAT Forests, cultivated areas, and gardens

DIET Fruit, nuts, seeds, buds, flowers, insects and bird eggs

About 11 oz

5 - 11 in

3 - 10 in

About 5 weeks

Avg. 1 - 2

IUCN Status
Least Concern
Prevost's squirrel

The Prevost's squirrel is diurnal (active during the day) and arboreal (lives in trees). Their toes are well adapted with sharp claws for clinging to tree trunks.

At night, they rest in tree hollows or on tree branches in nests built of leaves and twigs. They wrap their tails around them at night for warmth.

Prevost's squirrel newborn

Females average 1 - 2 young after a 5 week gestation. Females may have up to 3 litters a year.

This mammal faces threats from habitat loss and the illegal pet trade. A substantial part of its native range has been replaced by plantations.