prehensile-tailed skink

Prehensile-tailed Skink

Corucia zebrata

CLASS Reptilia | ORDER Squamata | FAMILY Scincidae

RANGE Solomon Islands, South Pacific

HABITAT Tropical rain forests

DIET Primarily vegetation

14 - 18 oz

Head to Tail
Up to 32 in

6 - 7 months


IUCN Status
Not Listed
prehensile-tailed skink

The prehensile-tailed skink is the largest known species of skink. Unlike other skinks, it is arboreal. Its prehensile tail can be used like an extra appendage, but lacks tail autonomy (allows tails to breakoff). Their claws and strong digits allow for climbing.

Young are born 6 - 9 inches in length.

prehensile-tailed skink

This species has been over collected for the pet trade.