ruddy duck

North American Ruddy Duck

Oxyura jamaicensis

CLASS Aves | ORDER Anseriformes | FAMILY Anatidae

RANGE North America; it has been introduced into several European and North African countries

HABITAT Fresh water marshes, ponds and lakes with emergent vegetation and areas of open water

DIET Seeds, sedges, grasses, pondweeds, algae, and small aquatic invertebrates

1 - 2 lbs

13.8 - 16.9 in

22 - 24.4 in

20 - 26 days

3 - 13 eggs

IUCN Status
Least Concern
ruddy duck

Ruddy ducks are great swimmer and divers. They are hardly ever seen on land. To escape predators, it dives rather than flies.

Ruddy ducks become aggressive during breeding season. Young fledge in 50-55 days.

Pleistocene fossils of ruddy ducks, at least 11,000 years old, have been unearthed in Oregon, California, Virginia, Florida, and Illinois.