leopard tortoise

Leopard Tortoise

Stigmochelys pardalis

CLASS Reptilia | ORDER Testudines | FAMILY Testudinidae

RANGE Southern and eastern Africa

HABITAT Dry woodlands, scrublands, savannas, grasslands

DIET Grasses, succulent plants, toadstools, and fruit

Up to 70 lbs

Up to 2 ft

8 - 14 months

5 - 30 eggs

IUCN Status
Not Listed

Leopard tortoises are most active during early morning and early evening hours, when the temperature is most moderate (crepuscular).

They can pull their head and feet into their shell when threatened. They will emit a hissing sound to warn off predators.

Among land tortoises, they have the longest incubation period – with some records indicating an incubation of more than 400 days.

They are widespread throughout their range, but they are hunted and consumed locally for food.