hyacinth macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus

CLASS Aves | ORDER Psittaciformes | FAMILY Psittacidae

RANGE Eastern South America

HABITAT Swamps, forests, palm groves

DIET Feed primarily on a variety of palm nuts but their diet also includes fruit and other vegetable matter

3 - 4 lbs

3 ft

17 - 22 in

26 - 28 days

2 eggs

IUCN Status
hyacinth macaw

This is the largest species of macaw, measuring nearly three feet from head to tail. The macaw communicates through its brilliant color and loud voice, which also make it an easy target for hunters.

Their characteristic hooked parrot beak is the strongest of the parrots. They can easily break the hard shells of palm nuts, Brazil nuts and other very hard nuts.

hyacinth macaw

There has been massive illegal trade in the species. At least 10,000 birds were taken from the wild in the 1980s. They also face threats from habitat loss, and some local hunting for food and feathers.