green-cheeked amazon

Green-cheeked Amazon

Amazona viridigenalis

CLASS Aves | ORDER Psittaciformes | FAMILY Psittacidae

RANGE Northeastern Mexico to northern Veracruz

HABITAT Lush areas in arid lowlands and foothills, especially gallery forest, deciduous woodland and dry, open pine- oak woodland

DIET Nuts, berries, flowers fruit and nectar

10 oz

12 - 13.2 in

28 days

1 - 4 eggs

IUCN Status
green-cheeked amazon

This species is also known as the red-crowned amazon. They gather in large flocks and are noisiest in the morning and evening.

This species is massively exploited for the pet trade and much of its habitat has been cleared for agricultural land. Currently there is no adequately protected areas specific for this species.