greater flamingo

Greater Flamingo

Phoenicopterus ruber roseus

CLASS Aves | ORDER Ciconiiformes | FAMILY Phoenicopteridae

RANGE Africa, southwest Europe, the Middle East, southwest Asia, India and Sri Lanka

HABITAT Near shallow water, either fresh or salty lakes or coastal lagoons and river estuaries

DIET Shrimp, copepods, worms, small mollusks, and insect larvae

9 - 19 lbs

Up to 5 ft

4 - 6 ft

About 30 days

1 egg

IUCN Status
Least Concern
greater flamingo

Flamingos are extremely gregarious and social birds with some flocks containing 250,000 birds.

greater flamingo

They get their pink coloration from the foods they eat. Holding its head upside-down in the water, the flamingo swings its head side to side. It pumps water through the strainer-like edges of its unique beak to trap microscopic algae and small animals.

greater flamingo

The greater flamingo is the largest and most widespread of all flamingo species.