golden lion tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin

Leontopithecus rosalia

CLASS Mammalia | ORDER Primates | FAMILY Callitrichidae

RANGE Brazil

HABITAT Atlantic coastal forest

DIET Fruits, insects, and small lizards

17 - 24 oz

6 – 10 in

12 - 15 in

126 - 130 days

Usually 2

IUCN Status
golden lion tamarin

The golden lion tamarin is named for the mane of fur around its head and its bright coloration. They differ from other marmosets and tamarins because they have long, narrow hands and long fingers.

golden lion tamarin

Many golden lion tamarin groups are composed of an adult pair and their young from recent litters.

A group's territory averages about 100 acres which they actively defend through vocalizations, scent marking, territory patrols and ritualized group encounters.

golden lion tamarin

In the past, major threats included forest loss and fragmentation along with a capture for pets and trade. Today, the main factor is reduced numbers and limited possibilities for growth in the few fragmented and degraded forests that remain in their restricted range.

AZA zoos, the Brazilian government, and other organizations are working to increase their numbers and create a sustainable population. About 1,500 golden lion tamarins live in the wild, and about 450 live in zoos worldwide.