Florida sandhill crane

Florida Sandhill Crane

Antigone canadensis pratensis

CLASS Aves | ORDER Gruiformes | FAMILY Gruidae

RANGE Florida and southeastern Georgia

HABITAT Freshwater wetlands, including marshes, wet prairies, and savannas

DIET Plants, grains, invertebrates; also small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians

7.5 - 11 lbs

3 - 4 ft

Over 5 ft

29 - 32 days

1 - 3 eggs

IUCN Status
Least Concern

A sandhill crane pair performs unison calling to create a bond. Both the males and females make a rattling "kar-r-r-r- o-o-o" sound. The call varies in length, strength and loudness depending on its intention.

Florida sandhill crane

During mating, sandhill cranes perform dancing displays, which may involve wing flapping, bowing, jumps, and even stick throwing.

They are not threatened, but face challenges from loss and degradation of their wetland habitats.