box turtle

Eastern Box Turtle

Terrapene carolina

CLASS Reptilia | ORDER Chelonia | FAMILY Emydidae

RANGE Most of eastern and southern United States

HABITAT Open woodlands, pastures, and marshy meadows

DIET Plants, fungi, smaller animals, and carrion

4.5 to 6 in

2 - 3 months

2 - 8 eggs

IUCN Status
box turtle

Box turtles can completely withdraw their head, legs and tail within the shell to protect themselves from predators. Male box turtles have red eyes and females have brown eyes.

Two to eight white eggs are laid in the spring or summer. Young turtles hatch in two to three months; however, some clutches laid in summer may not hatch until the following spring.

box turtle

Box turtles face threats from the pet trade and habitat loss.