blue-tongued skink

Blue-tongued Skink

Tiliqua gigas

CLASS Reptilia | ORDER Squamata | FAMILY Scincidae

RANGE Southern New Guinea through the Indonesian Islands to Sumatra

HABITAT Forests, grasslands, rain forests, and deserts

DIET Insects, worms, snails, flowers, fruits, and berries

10 - 18 oz

Up to 2 ft

Up to 25

IUCN Status
Not Listed
blue-tongued skink

When threatened, a blue-tongued skink will puff up its body, hiss, and stick out its blue tongue. They are ground-dwelling.

blue-tongued skink

Females are ovoviviparous, which means that the young develop in membranes inside the mother and are born live. Newborns are about 4 inches long and weigh about 0.5 ounce.