blue tang

Blue Tang

Paracanthurus hepatus

CLASS Actinopterygii | ORDER Osteichthyes | FAMILY Acanthuridae

RANGE Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

HABITAT Coral reefs

DIET Marine algae, brine shrimp, seaweed and other small microorganisms

8 - 12 in

9 - 12 months

IUCN Status
Least Concern
blue tang

The blue tang is also known as the palette surgeonfish. These fish are typically found at a depth of 2 - 25 meters. When faced with danger or dark spaces, blue tangs can make themselves semi-transparent in order to hide from predators.

Its tail has sharp spines on each side. These spines can unfold from a groove and inflict serious wounds.

Protection of coral reef ecosystems is essential to the blue tang's wild population.