blue and gold macaw

Blue & Gold Macaw

Ara ararauna

CLASS Aves | ORDER Psittaciformes | FAMILY Psittacidae

RANGE Eastern Panama in Central America through South America

HABITAT Forests and tall trees growing in swamps and along waterways

DIET Seeds, fruits, nuts and vegetable matter

2 - 4 lbs

30 - 37 in

41 - 45 in

24 – 26 days

1 – 2 eggs

IUCN Status
Least Concern
blue & gold macaw

Blue and gold macaws are more alert and intelligent than other species of macaws. They are very inquiring and mischievous.

Their bare face is white, turning pink in excited birds and wrinkled as they age. Their beak can bite down with 300 pounds of pressure.

blue & gold macaw

These birds are good talkers but have ear splitting voices. Macaws are able to mimic human voices. When disturbed, these bright birds screech loudly and circle overhead with their long tails streaming.

blue & gold macaw

Due to their popularity in the pet trade, they have become extinct in several areas from nestlings being removed from their natural habitats. Parent birds often die as they try to protect their young. They also face threats from loss of habitat.