Andean bear

Andean Bear

Tremarctos ornatus

CLASS Mammalia | ORDER Carnivora | FAMILY Ursidae

RANGE Western Venezuela south to Bolivia

HABITAT In the Andes and outlying mountain ranges; forests, grasslands, and scrublands

DIET Fruits and bromeliads; berries, grasses, bulbs, cactus flowers, insects, and small animals such as rodents, rabbits, and birds

Female 132 – 176 lbs
Male 220 – 386 lbs

5.5 – 6.5 ft

65 days

1 - 3 (Usually 2)

IUCN Status
Appendix I

Andean bear

The Andean bear, also know as the spectacled bear, is the only species of bear found in South America. They are true arboreal bears, using their long, sharp front claws to climb and forage for food. They are also good swimmers.

The markings on an Andean bear's head, throat, and chest are unique to each individual, like a human's fingerprint. They are thought to use vocal communication more than any other bear except the giant panda.

Andean bear

Habitat loss and fragmentation due to conversion to farmland, mining, and deforestation for lumber. Killed by humans who believe they are a threat to crops and livestock. Hunted in the past for their meat, fat, and body parts. Wild populations are unknown.