American comb duck

American Comb Duck

Sarkidiornis sylvicola

CLASS Aves | ORDER Anseriformes | FAMILY Anatidae

RANGE South America including Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela

HABITAT Savanna woodlands with lagoons and wetlands

DIET Aquatic vegetation, seeds, fish and invertebrates

2.5 – 6 lbs

22 – 30 in

28 - 30 days

6 - 20 eggs

IUCN Status
Least Concern
male comb duck

American comb ducks are most commonly seen alone or in small groups. They are diurnal (active during the day) and primarily sedentary. They will only move during the dry season based on water availability. Young are precocial, but will stay near the female until they learn to fly.

female comb duck

Although the population is considered stable, it faces threats from habitat loss and hunting.