African Spurred Tortoise

African Spurred Tortoise

Centrochelys sulcata

CLASS Reptilia | ORDER Testudines | FAMILY Testudinidae

RANGE Southern edge of the Sahara Desert in Africa

HABITAT Semi-arid grasslands, scrub, and savanna

DIET Grasses, weeds, cactus

Up to 240 lbs.

Avg. 24 - 30 in.

90 – 100 days

15 - 30 eggs

IUCN Status
African Spurred Tortoise

African spurred tortoises are the third largest living tortoise species. These solitary and territorial reptiles will compete with other tortoises that encroach on their feeding grounds or burrowing areas. Fights consist of ramming shells and trying to flip one another over.

This species is an excellent digger. Their burrows provide shelter during the dry and rainy seasons. African spurred tortoises will dig burrows underground to create a cooler and moister sheltered environment in order to regulate their body temperature in the heat.

African Spurred Tortoise

Its population has declined rapidly due to habitat loss.