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Summer Safari

See Animals Up-close

Summer Safari

Go Behind-The-Scenes

Summer Safari

Talk with Zookeepers

Summer Safari

Ride the Train

Summer Safari

Create Animal Enrichment

Summer Safari

Meet New Friends

Summer Safari

Make Crafts

Summer Safari

And More!

Summer Safari is for children that have completed Pre-K through 6th grade. Kids can uncover the fascinating animal world with zoo tours, up-close animal encounters, special behind-the-scenes experiences, visits with zookeepers, train rides, crafts, snacks, and a t-shirt.

Summer Safari classes enable your child to experience the Zoo and its animals under the guidance of educators, trained volunteers and Zoo staff.

All classes are 9 am - noon.

Summer Safari FAQ

Print Form

FOTAZ Members

Fee per Class: $95

FOTAZ Members can begin registering Monday, March 26 at 9 am.

The Parent/Guardian/Grandparent listed on the form must match the name listed on the FOTAZ Membership to qualify for the discount, and FOTAZ membership status is checked.


Fee per Class: $115

Non-members can begin registering Monday, April 2 at 9 am.

Non-member registrations will not be processed until Monday, April 2.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

  • Over Two (2) Weeks Prior to Your Class: $20 Cancellation Fee
  • Two (2) Weeks Prior to Your Class: No refund will be issued since the spot has been reserved for you and it may not be filled.
  • Rescheduling requests are determined by availability.

Please Note

  • Forms accepted online, by mail, fax, or dropped off. No phone registrations.
  • Each child may only be registered for TWO Summer Safari classes.
  • All classes are based on GRADE COMPLETED in May 2018.

For Online Registration

  • Each class has to be registered for individually.
  • Multiple children can be registered for the same class on one online form.
  • Once you have submitted the online form, you will be redirected to PayPal for payment. You do not need a PayPal account; a credit card can be used.
  • If you do not recieve a payment confirmation email from PayPal, your registration is incomplete.

Completed Pre-K (Must be at least 4 years old)

June 4 - 8

Team up with the tamarins and discover the tree top world of these tiny monkeys.

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June 18 - 22

Join the Incredible Cassowary's expedition to protect his native home, the Australian Islands.

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July 23 - 27

Assist the captain of camouflage in her quest to help others give a hoot about birds and other masters of mimicry.

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Completed Kindergarten

June 11 - 15

Swing into action with the siamang family to help protect the rainforest.

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June 25 - 29

Jump into action with the wallaby and explore the marvelous world of marsupials and other fascinating creatures.

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July 16 - 20

Journey across islands, forests, wetlands and deserts to "shellebrate" the important role turtles and tortoises play in ecosystems.

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Completed Grades 1st & 2nd

June 4 - 8

Dive in with the otter on his mission to safeguard waterways and his aquatic friends around the globe.

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June 18 - 22

Discover the squirrely professor's plan to defend forests and their inhabitants from expanding plantations.

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July 9 - 13

Swoop into action with vulture royaly to explore the important roles animals play in nature.

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July 23 - 27

Cruise down to the ocean to help the Coral Crusaders clean up the coral reefs.

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Completed Grades 3rd & 4th

June 11 - 15

Team up with Wonder Wolf to banish myths about the "big, bad wolf" and other top predators.

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June 18 - 22

Slow and fast. Big and small. Hang with the sloths to explore how life thrives at all heights of the rainforest.

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July 16 - 20

Assemble with the Amazon Avengers to prevent deforestation from consuming the rainforest.

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Completed Grades 5th & 6th

June 11 - 15

Join Captain Amerigator as we look to keep plastic pollution out of our waterways.

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July 9 - 13

Join the biggest of the cat family on a journey to discover their true origins.

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Completed Grades 7th & 8th

For summer program offerings for children that have completed 7th & 8th, please view TEEN TREK.

Teen Trek


A limited number of partial to full scholarships are available.

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