Field Trips

Field Trips

At the Zoo, tots, teens, adults, and anyone in between can gain a new perception of the fascinating animal world by experiencing wildlife up close.

Alexandria Zoo is a fabulous outdoor classroom and our staff is ready to assist teachers, making your school field trip an experience to remember while reinforcing classroom teaching.

Reserve Your Field Trip

Reservations & Payment

Reservations are Required

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE GROUP RATE. We recommend you make arrangements at least one month prior to a spring visit, and two weeks prior during the rest of the year. Sometimes it is necessary to limit the number of groups visiting each day to prevent overcrowding.

Accepted Payment Types


*School or business purchase orders can be accepted if arrangements are made with the Zoo office at least one week prior to your visit.


If more than one class from your school is visiting, please have one representative from your school pay for everyone in the group. Please do not pay by individual class. Group representatives should come to the gate with an accurate count and money in order.


Change cannot be given to an individual if checks are not made out accurately. The remaining balance will be mailed to the school.

REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN ONCE A GROUP HAS ENTERED THE ZOO. Unused train tickets are non-refundable but can be used on another visit.

Field Trip Admission

Group Rate Admission & Train Fees




Rate available for those who enter the Zoo together and are paid for in ONE transaction by the Group Representative. All individuals included in the group count, including those under 4 and FOTAZ members, are charged the group rate.



Rate available for teachers, teacher aides, bus drivers, and students who enter the Zoo together and are paid for in ONE transaction by the Group Representative.


(*ONE teacher per class will be admitted free. Additional teachers will be charged. Must show School ID to be admitted free.)
(**Must show School ID to be admitted free)


Minimum ONE adult per 10 children (all ages). If your school, camp or other organization requires more adults per 10 children, you must provide more chaperones.


  • Parents/Chaperones are not included in the group rate. Parents/Chaperones are charged regular admission and must pay separately from the school group.

Who Qualifies for the Group Rate?

  • Discount admission rates and discount train tickets are available for groups of 15 or more that enter the zoo together and are paid for in one transaction.
  • Group rates are available for schools, churches, assisted care facilities, and other organizations. This does not include family groups.
  • Everyone in your group must pay, INCLUDING children under 4, senior citizens, additional teachers, teacher aides, and FOTAZ members. ONE teacher per class and the bus driver are admitted free. Additional teachers will be charged. Everyone including bus drivers and teachers have to purchase a train ticket in order to ride.
  • Groups consisting of less than 15 individuals will be charged full price.

Education Programs

Programs featuring our education animal ambassadors are presented by the Education Department. Lessons are customized to adhere to Louisiana's state-mandated standards of learning and taught using scientific inquiry.

Programs last 20 minutes and must be scheduled in advance when submitting an online reservation request.

Program Topics

Forest Friends

Discover the incredible animals that live in, under, and around the many forest of the world. These creatures rely on the trees as much as we do, what can we do to help share our forest with them?

Gross Out

Slimy, crawly, stinky, slithery. Why are these weird or gross animals sometimes the most important?

Conservation Heroes

The world in which we live is changing, the planet is facing threats. Most of these are by us, and happening unknowingly. Discover simple changes we can all make to protect our one and only home.

Predators & Prey: A Game of Survival

The food web is an elaborate structure that lives on the edge of chaos. What skills or adaptations do animals at the top, and the bottom of this web possess that allow them to live another day?

Animal Kingdom

Learn to identify and categorize animals from around the world in to the scientific groups they belong. Discover the many unique characteristics and adaptations such as the scales, feathers, and fur that animals have.

Bus Parking

Buses should unload students at the Front Entrance. Bus parking is available behind Bringhurst Park Baseball Field.


Picnic Areas in the Zoo

Picnic areas inside the zoo include the playground and Picnic Pavilion. These areas are limited and cannot be reserved. Seating at the tables at the Palm Cafe is reserved for customers only.


Picnic Areas outside the Zoo

Shaded, grassy public areas adjacent to the zoo can accomodate picnicing groups: ZOO PARKING LOT and BIG ISLAND (on Babe Ruth Drive). Teachers can receive a hand stamp that will allow the entire class to re-enter the Zoo after lunch outside the Zoo.


Lunch Storage

Registered Field Trip groups are permitted to bring in lunch. The Zoo does not provide monitored lunch storage due to lack of space. Lunch items and ice chests are the responsibility of the group.



Name Tags

School IDs or name tags should be worn by students and teachers. Please include the name of the child, teacher’s name, and school on tags.

These can be wrist bands, adhesive tags, or may be attached to the student with string. Please DO NOT use safety or straight pins as they are a serious health hazard to the animals if they fall off.



If you need assistance while at the zoo, proceed directly to the Zoo Office at the front entrance where we can provide the help you need. In the event of injury please alert a zoo staff member for assistance.

Palm Cafe

Lunch & SnacksPALM CAFE

Arrangements for lunch should be made directly with the Cafe and CANNOT be made through the Zoo offices.

A final count at least one week prior to your scheduled field trip is requested. A 24 hour cancellation notice is required.

Kids options include hot dog, corn dog, or ham and cheese hoagie meals. Adult options include hamburger or cheeseburger meals.

Palm Cafe Meal Order Form

Gift Shop

SouvenirsGIFT SHOP

Teachers may contact the Zootique prior to a scheduled visit to arrange for souvenir bags to be prepared for each student. The Zootique manager will work with teachers to prepare bags at an agreed upon price. Minimum 1 week notice required.

During busy times at the Zoo, Management may limit the number of students visiting the Zootique at one time.


Feed the Fish

Visitors can feed the koi at the pond near the train station. Fish food dispensers are located at the Train Deck and the deck by the hyacinth macaws. Quarters are needed for the dispensers. Proceeds are used for Zoo projects.

Coins for Conservation

Coins for Conservation

A "penny machine" that creates a penny souvenir requires two quarters and a penny. There is a wishing well near the train station where kids love to watch all types of coins spin and disappear.

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