Outreach programs are designed to bring wildlife and wild places to you!

With a central theme of conservation and engagement, our programs align with Louisiana Department of Education Science Standards to create exciting educational presentations that celebrate the wonders of the natural world. Each program offers a myriad of animals who, along with our skilled educators, will inform and inspire your students.

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Interactive Program

These formal presentations provide your group with an up-close experience with animals from around the world!

Duration 30 minutes
Group Size Maximum of 75 attendees per interactive presentation; schedule additional presentation for larger groups
Reservations Minimum three weeks notice and advanced payment required
Fee $150 per program (plus $1 per mile if outside Rapides Parish)

K - 3rd: Animal Kingdom
Learn to identify and categorize animals from around the world in to the scientific groups they belong. Discover the many unique characteristics and adaptations such as the scales, feathers, and fur that animals have.
(LS-E-A3) (LS-E-A4) (LS-E-A1) (LS-E-A4) (LS-E-B3) (LS-E-A3) (LS-E-A3) (LS-E-B2)

K - 3rd: Forest Friends
Discover the incredible animals that live in, under, and around the many forest of the world. These creatures rely on the trees as much as we do, what can we do to help share our forest with them?
(LS-E-C1) (SE-E-A2)

4th - 8th: Predators & Prey: A Game of Survival
The food web is an elaborate structure that lives on the edge of chaos. What skills or adaptations do animals at the top, and the bottom of this web possess that allow them to live another day?
(LS-E-C1) (LS-E-C2) (LS-E-C2) (LS-E-C3) (LS-M-D1) (LS-M-C2) (ESS-M-A8)

4th - 8th: Gross Out
Slimy, crawly, stinky, slithery. Why are these weird or gross animals sometimes the most important?
(LS-E-B2) (LS-E-C2) (LS-M-A3) (LS-M-A3) (LS-M-C4) (SE-M-A4)

9th & Up: Invasive Species
By land or sea or even sky, Louisiana is threatened by alien creatures. Learn how these foreign species have invaded our land and what we can do to prevent them from taking over.
(LS-H-C5) (LS-H-D2) (LS-H-F3)

9th & Up: Conservation Heroes
The world in which we live is changing, the planet is facing threats. Most of these are by us, and happening unknowingly. Discover simple changes we can all make to protect our one and only home.
(SI-H-A5) (LS-H-F4)

If our standard program offerings do not fit your needs, please contact the Curator of Education so we may create a custom program just for you!


Community Events

Education Department staff and volunteers will share their expertise and excitement about the natural world with your event participants.

Duration varies, 1 to 5 hours
Reservations Minimum three weeks notice and advanced payment required
Fee Dependent on duration, number of animals, and distance (if outside Rapides Parish). Call for pricing.

Please Note

  • Please note program availability is limited and our schedule fills quickly.
  • Animal requests can be made, however, we cannot guarantee the appearance of a specific animal.
  • We cannot confirm which animals will be included in any program since there are a variety of factors that determine which animals are available on a daily basis.
  • Programs may not take place in private residences and cannot be adjacent to other animals.


Scholarships are available for underserved audiences. For more information, contact the Education Department.


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