white tiger

White Tiger

Panthera tigris

CLASS Mammalia | ORDER Carnivora | FAMILY Felidae

RANGE Nepal, Burma, parts of India and Bangladesh

HABITAT Dense forests and lush grasslands

DIET Large mammals such as pigs, deer, antelope, buffalo and gaur; smaller mammals and birds are rarely taken

220 - 550 lbs

7 - 10 ft

104 - 106 days

Avg. 2 - 3 cubs

IUCN Status
white tiger

White tigers have white fur with brownish/black stripes and blue eyes; they are not albinos. The white coloration occurs when the recessive gene is present in the mating male and female.

Over the past 100 years only about a dozen white tigers have been reported in India in the wild.

white tiger

Each tiger has its own stripe pattern. Each is unique like a human fingerprint. Unlike most cats, tigers love water and can swim very well.

To hunt the tiger depends more on sight and hearing than smell. It carefully stalks its prey, attacks from the side or rear, leaps on prey and throws it down grabbing the throat. Killing is by strangulation or a bite to the back of the neck.