Animal Presentations

Animal presentations are available (at no additional cost) throughout the year and cover topics such as adaptations, Louisiana, or endangered species.

Any age group can request an animal presentation in our Animal House. Your class will be able to view the education animal collection in the Animal House and have an "up-close" animal encounter. These animal presentations will be supervised by one of our education assistants.

Education programs can be scheduled by filling out the Field Trip Reservation form which includes a list of class options and time slots. The Education Department can also develop a lesson to meet your specific classroom needs. Due to the high volume of school visitors, especially during March, April and May, programs must follow a strict time schedule.

Class size in the Animal House is limited to 60. Programs for larger groups will be held at the Festival Plaza stage, which can accommodate up to 200.

Please remind students that the Animal House is the home of animals. "Indoor voices" and a calm atmosphere are required for the animals. The building can be closed at any time if animals appear stressed or circumstances arise requiring closure.

For more information, contact us at 318-441-6810.