Take Action for Wildlife

Take action for wildlife

Alexandria Zoological Park is committed to the conservation of wildlife and wild places both regionally and worldwide.

No matter your favorite animal, nature area, or conservation topic, there are easy ways each and every one of us can help protect animals and habitats both near and far.

Learn More!

Seek out information about conservation issues. Being informed on environmental matters is key to finding solutions. Whether you’re a student or a world class researcher, the first step to protecting wildlife is learning more about them.

  • Read a book about wildlife
  • Join a local conservation chapter to find out what they are doing in your area to protect your favorite animals.

Spread the Word

Spread the word to others about the value of wildlife. By sharing our passion for nature with others, we're not only teaching others but also changing culture towards conservation.

  • Focus your next school project around your favorite animal. You could make an elephant family tree or sea turtle tracking map.
  • Teach children to respect nature and the environment. Take them hiking, camping, or join a NaturePlay group.


The 4R's: reduce, reuse, recycle, and replenish. In order they are the most effective. By reducing the amount of products we use, then reusing them after their initial use, and eventually recycling them when they’re worn we can save a lot of materials from landfills or natural habitats. And always replenishing our natural resources when we can such as plants and wildlife.

  • Use cold water in the washer when possible to greatly reduce your electricity usage.
  • Recycle old cellphones and other small electronics to preserve the habitat of gorillas in Africa.

Be a Sustainable Shopper

Look for and purchase products that are friendly to the environment. Everyone knows to recycle common products, but it does the planet no good if no one is buying those recycled products. Making simple changes in our purchasing and usage of materials can go a long way towards conserving our resources.

  • Use reusable packaging in your lunchbox instead of paper or plastic baggies.
  • Purchase shade grown coffee and chocolates by looking for the Rainforest Alliance tree frog logo.

Create Backyard Habitats

Create habitats for wildlife in your backyard. Every animal needs a healthy habitat to survive, even the ones that live near you. Every habitat has three components: food, water, and shelter. Have you and how can you provide healthy habitats for wildlife near you?

  • Hang a birdhouse, birdbath, or batbox to help wildlife near you.
  • Create a small pond in your backyard for wildlife such as frogs and butterflies.

Choose Proper Pets

Choose your pets wisely. Domesticated animals typically make great pets, but not always in every household. Is the house safe for them to live? Can they cohabitate with all other animals or people in the house? Can you commit to the animal for its entire lifetime? Can you provide proper care for the animal? If any of these answers are no, you may want to reconsider the pet.

  • Observe wildlife in your backyard and leave these wild animals where we find them.
  • Be sure to research lifespan, veterinary requirement, and size of animal etc. before adopting, they may not be well suited to live with you. A pet is a lifelong commitment.


Donate to Conservation

Did you know that $5 from every FOTAZ Membership helps support conservation projects all over the world?

Support Friends of the Alexandria Zoo through contributions and volunteering. Donating monetarily to conservation is a great way to advance research or care for wildlife and wild places. Even more important however, is donating your time. Most conservation organizations have volunteer programs in place where you can support their organization in fun and rewarding ways.

  • Volunteer your time at Alexandria Zoo, a local park, or other conservation organization.
  • Join a beach or river cleanup near you to keep garbage out of our waterways.


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