Lagniappe Days

Lagniappe Days

Enjoy "a little something extra" on these days held throughout the year.

Save the Eagles Day
Saturday, January 13, 2018
10 am - 2 pm

The eagle has represented strength, wisdom, and majesty to countless civilizations, it’s no wonder the United States chose the bald eagle to represent our nation. Come join us as we celebrate the over 70 species of eagles found around the globe by highlighting the eagles living here at the Alexandria Zoo. We’ll explore the traits that make eagles so majestic, discover how they are such expert hunters, and unveil how to find them in our own backyards!

World Frog Day
Saturday, March 17, 2018
10 am - 2 pm

They can jump, they can swim, and some can even climb in the trees. Join us for a hopping good day as we celebrate one of the most unique animals in the world, the frog! Throughout the event you can see how you measure up in a jump off with various frogs, watch live feeding demonstrations, and make your own toad abode to protect frogs that live near you.

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