Beastly Beat
Chester & Greta the Yellow-backed Duikers

Yellow-backed duikers are native to Africa and live in rainforests. The yellow-backed duikers, Chester and Greta, arrived at the Zoo in 2008 after their exhibit was completed earlier in the year. Chester was hand-raised at the BREC's Baton Rouge Zoo and Greta came from Oklahoma City. Chester is very friendly and usually out and about in his exhibit, while Greta is very shy.

On May 11, 2009, Chester and Greta welcomed a baby yellow-backed duiker. This is the first offspring for the pair.

Chester is called a "banana hound" by his area zookeeper, and for good reason. Banana is the first item he goes for in his food bowl every day, and as soon as his is gone, he pushes Greta away from her food bowl and eats hers, too!

Yellow-backed duikers are herbivores, which mean they only eat plants like apples, lettuce, and carrots. Most kids might not find cabbage or broccoli appetizing, but both Chester and Greta consider them delicacies. They both receive cabbage and broccoli as special treats.

Because Chester was hand-raised, he is very friendly and will come to the front of his exhibit. However, it is important that visitors do not reach over the guard rail and try to touch him or feed him.

Chester and Greta are located across from the Palm Cafe.

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