Beastly Beat
Louisiana Pine Snake

Alexandria Zoo has three Louisiana pine snakes, two males and a female. The snake, a nonvenomous constrictor, spends 90 percent of its time underground. Louisiana pine snakes can reach up to six feet long and are found in the longleaf pine forests in west-central Louisiana and east Texas.

The endangered Louisiana pine snake (Pituophis melanoleucus ruthveni), which wasn't even discovered until the mid-1920's, is one of the rarest snake species in North America. Alexandria Zoo is one of about two dozen zoos participating in the Louisiana Pine Snake Species Survival Plan. Through the program, young pine snakes are being reintroduced into their native territory in the hopes of re-establishing the wild population. Areas of the Kisatche National Forest in central Louisiana have been revived and are now an ideal location for releasing these endangered snakes. A border collie trained to sniff out pine snakes will help researchers track them for study.

Where in the Zoo?
The Louisiana pine snakes are located in the Snake House in the Louisiana Habitat.