Beastly Beat
Flame the Eclectus Parrot

Flame the eclectus parrot made her way to the Alexandria Zoo on April 18, 2006 after being found free roaming in Calcasieu Parish. It is mostly likely that Flame was a pet that was lost, escaped, or let go.

Flame is one of the Zoo's education animals, and is popular with visitors as well as the zoo staff. As an education animal, she spends a lot of time around people and has learned to mimic many noises including a person's cough, zoo radios, whistles, and even the alarm system. She has even learned to say "hello" and "pretty bird", although she usually only speaks when she thinks no one is around.

Unique Parrot
The eclectus is a unique member of the parrot family. Males and females of this species are so different in color that they were once thought to be two separate species. Both birds are brightly colored - males are mainly green with candy-corn-colored beaks and females are crimson red with a blue or purple belly and a black beak. The male's coloration helps him blend in among the trees as he forages for food, while the female's colors help camouflage her as she sits in dark tree holes incubating eggs.

Where in the Zoo?
Flame is located in the Animal House Education Building.