Beastly Beat
Booker T the Serval

Booker T was part of a litter of three born at the Alexandria Zoo on March 17, 2004 to Aaron and Molly. When zookeepers went to check on the litter, they noticed that the mom, Molly, was not taking care of Booker T. Booker looked sick and was skinnier than his two sisters so he was pulled from his parents at five days old to be hand raised by staff.

Booker T is an excellent jumper and likes to leap up on tall cabinets and watch everyone from up high. Servals have the longest legs of all the cats relative to their size. This allows them to see over tall grass in the African savannas. When he is being walked in the zoo, Booker likes to chase the peacocks and squirrels that roam through the zoo. Although most cats do not like to swim, Booker likes chasing water as it shoots out of the water hose.

Of all his toys, his favorite is a rope. Booker will have one end while a zoo staff member has the other, and they will play tug of war. He also like to chase the rope in a circle. When he has the rope all to himself, Booker will throw it into the air and bat at it.

Booker has been an excellent big brother, not only to his younger siblings, but also to white tigers cubs. He helps clean them, and he also plays with them. Since servals are generally solitary it is very unusual for males to care for young. It is especially unusual for one to help care for tiger cubs.

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