Spectacled Bear
Tremarctos ornatus

CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Carnivora
FAMILY: Ursidae

4 - 4.5 feet in length; male approximately 380 lbs., female 130 lbs.

Andes Mountains from Venezuela to Bolivia and Chile

Prefer humid forested regions or coastal thorn forests. Also high altitude grasslands.

Wild - Mainly plant material, especially fruit; cactus; sometimes mammals such as cattle or llamas

Zoo - Omnivore biscuits, fruits, vegetables

Thick medium length fur that is black with pale white yellow stripes which arch over the base of the nose and eyes, sometimes also across the forehead, cheeks, and throat down to the chest. Their common name is derived from the lighter fur around the eyes.


  • Very good climber
  • Mainly nocturnal and crepuscular
  • Lives alone or in family groups
  • Striking shrill voice
  • Will climb large trees to obtain fruit, and will sometimes assemble a large platform of broken branches, on which it positions itself to eat and reach additional fruit.

3 young born in summer

ENDANGERED -- due to habitat loss, persecution from humas resulting from raids on crops and livestock, and due to hunting for its meat and skin.

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