Kirk's Dik Dik
Madoqua kirkii

CLASS: Mammalia
ORDER: Artiodactyla
FAMILY: Bovidae

12 - 18 inches tall, 20 - 28 inches; weigh 10 - 15 lbs.

Eastern and Southwestern Africa


Fringe forests, dense brush with plenty of plant cover

Wild - Vegetarian Diet with some protein
Zoo - Herbivore diet, apples, lettuce, carrots

Slightly bigger than a hare. Graceful shape, slender legs, and a round back. Short delicate head with forehead tuft. Medium long ears, large eyes, and horns on the males.


  • Heavily hunted mostly for skin.
  • Elongated snout. Characteristic feature of the genus.
  • Specialized nose extends into a sort of trunk that can turn in all directions and it serves as a major thermoregulatory device (arterial blood being diverted to the membranes there and cooled through an evaporative process.)
  • Usually live in pairs; predominately nocturnal


  • One young is born
  • Fully grown at 12 months; sexually mature at 6 months
  • Young males are eventually chased off by the male parent.

Not threatened; it is widespread and common but has been exterminated in some areas from loss of habitat and hunting.

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