River Cooter
Pseudemys concinna

CLASS: Reptilia
ORDER: Chelonia
FAMILY: Emydidae

Carapace length in excess of 16 inches

North America; found statewide in Louisiana

Rivers mostly, but also in some lakes

Both plant and animal matter, adults eat mostly aquatic vegetation

Large terrapin with webbed toes; head with orange to red striped on top, bottom, and sides; rough carapace brown with orange-yellow concentric and/or curving lines and bars.


  • Capable of remaining submerged for two or more hours. Walk along the bottoms of rivers to seek food. Prefer deeper waters and venture onto land to nest.
  • Males have lone claws on the front feet that they may wave or vibrate in the females face before settling to the bottom to mate.
  • Back of shell is often flared and is serrated


  • Eggs laid in sandy soil in summer; 7 - 15 elliptical eggs per clutch
  • Nest may have 3 opening (2 false side to deter raccoons and other predators.)
  • Young are pretty -- bright yellow -- with many green and black whorls like fingerprints over the carapace.

Used to be common in the pet trade and stil occur on occasion.


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