Indian Blue Peafowl
Pavo cristatus

ORDER: Galliformes
FAMILY: Phasianidae

Male approximately 4 - 5 feet from head to top of tail;
female is smaller -- weighs approximately 8 lbs.

India and Ceylon

Wild - Grain, grasses, insects
Zoo - Grain mixture, some meat


  • Often raised as ornamental fowl
  • Male called peacock and known for great beauty; spreads its feathers in great gold, blue and green colored fan to attract females (courtship ritual)

  • Female is called peahen; female is less colorful (no bright blue and green tail feathers) so she blends in with the surroundings and is able to protect her nest and young.
  • Regal train of feathers adorns the male peacock from February to July. Late summer he sheds the long, colorful feathers.
  • Peacocks have been kept in captivity for more than 4,000 years.


  • Will nest in straw or on ground; lays up to 8 - 10 eggs; young have grayish-brown feathers and follows close to mother; young called peachicks.

  • Adolescence at about 1 year of age and color starts to appear. Males grow long trains of feathers at sexual maturity which is three years.

Not threatened; abundant; breeds well in captivity