Eastern Hognosed Snake
Heterodon platyrhinos

CLASS: Reptilia
ORDER: Squamata
SUBORDER: Serpentes
FAMILY: Colubridae

Up to 45 inches in length

Eastern North America; statewide in Louisiana

Most abundant in dry uplands

Wild - Toads mainly; frogs and salamander
Zoo - Toads and frogs

Medium sized to moderately long, heavy bodies; upturned snout; occasionally uniformly black but more often dark spots on a lighter color; anal plate divided.


  • Pointed, upturned snout useful for digging and burrowing; variable colorations make for excellent camouflage; employs "playing dead" method of avoiding enemies; toxic saliva used to sudue prey.
  • Mildly venomous
  • Often called "spreading adder" or "puff adder" because of its ability to flatten neck and spread an almost cobra-like hood when confronted. Rarely bites humans, but fatalities have occured due to allergic reaction to the toxic saliva.

9 - 25 eggs laid from June to October. Young are usually brown and orange when hatched and darken as they get older.

Not threatened; vulnerable due to habitat loss

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