Corn Snake
Elephe guttata guttata

CLASS: Reptilia
ORDER: Squamata
FAMILY: Colubridae

From 1.5 to 6 feet in length

Southeastern United States

Sandy pine woods, cutover woods, corn fields -- Often found along abandoned railroads, abandoned buildings and trash piles. Have been reputed to be common in sewer systems of southern cities.

Wild - Rodents, bats, birds, lizards
Zoo - Mice and rats


  • Secretive snake
  • Dark brown and black coloring and distinctive checkered black belly markings.
  • Gets name from the color of the underside that resembles speckled Indian corn and the fact that they are often found in corn fields.


  • Hardy species; docile disposition; not venomous, but a powerful constrictor; captive species reproduce well; adapts well to cage environment and will accept pre-killed rodents.
  • Considered the farmer's friend because it eats pests to crops such as birds, rats, mice, etc.
  • In the pet trade corn snakes are bred for different color combinations. Amelanistic color morphs are variations of yellow and orange with red eyes. Albinos lack color and have red eyes. These are all derivatives of the eastern race.

Common; breeds well in captivity.